His Message In A Cross

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Quite some time ago (middle of last year-ish), I got the idea to put some scriptures that related the message of The Cross into the shape of The Cross. The message includes what Christ suffered, why He endured it, and how what He did affects us. I made note of a bunch of scriptures that would fit, but then went through a period of inactivity and set it aside. I recently read another scripture I hadn't considered before and that got me working on the project again.

I considered many different scriptures, and contemplated prayerfully which ones would best suit the project and the consolidated message. I've chosen certain verses for their content and message...some a little redundant, but that was hard to avoid and really, the message is a bit stronger, I think, for the repetition of certain thoughts or concepts...and I arranged them so there would be some flow to them, hopefully without mischaracterizing the context of the verses themselves. (The versions I'm using are all ESV: English Standard Version.)

In a way, it's my own Gospel version of Romans Road, which is a series of scriptures in the book of Romans that effectively explain the path to salvation and our need for it. (If you Google "Romans Road" you'll find a few different versions of it, but here's a place to check out if you'd like to read more about it.)

Anyway, I think I've finished it, and I'd like your thoughts. It's posted below, and if the words are too difficult to read, you can download a .pdf file of it. (Either click to open it in another window or right-click and "Save Target As" to really download it.)

I'm prayerfully hoping my doing this is pleasing to God for use as an evangelical tool. I don't know what the process is for "licensing" or "trademarking" it is, because the cross and the scriptures are basically public domain as far as I know. Perhaps it is something I could market, but that's less important to me than the message itself. The message, His message, is the focus. (The picture is a link to the .pdf file as well.)