Fast - Day Four

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Matthew 27:27-51

Today, I am inspired by a great sermon Dr. D.A. Carson preached at Mars Hill Church back in December. This was the first time I ever heard D.A. Carson preach, and so it was fascinating for me. I’ve watched the video about 3 times, and took copious notes (and expanded on them). The sermon covered a large section of Jesus’ trial and all of his crucifixion, noting four ironies in Matthew’s writing of the event. I found them to have great impact on me, and I share the video of the sermon and my own notes here.

I am writing this in the morning before work and I expect to have a busy night with technical run-throughs for our Good Friday service tomorrow, so this is my entire offering today. I won’t be sharing a song today, since instead I’m sharing an hour+ long video sermon.

I look upon the cross today with wonder and satisfaction at the word of my Lord. I am humbled and pleased He did what He did for me. Tomorrow will be a very heavy day. I hope I have time to write.